Interstices - solution de continuité / Interstices – Solution of continuity

Filmmaker Combes&Renaud / Text by Pierre Oudart / Sound by Strom Varx / Translation by John Kingston Olliver / 2009 /

The story is built around two sites. A hotel room, and the stage of a theatre, where, through visual transpositions in the two places, time set in images produces impressions, interstices in films that accompany the thoughts of a playwright and a narrative. The playwright and narrator relates the discourse and the succession of events that constitute the writing of a play. He sketches the characters, their interrelations, evokes the surroundings. He associates the locations with the stage configuration, works on the articulation of what precedes the text and what follows. The video shows the locations, with no identification between images and narrative. The video editing and the narrator’s voice produce short-circuits, holes in the narrative, gaps between what is seen and what is heard, proposing a fictional sensorial perception of the emerging narrative.

Video 25 pal DVD and betanum, format 4/3, running time 14’10, black & white, sound stereo, VF sous titrée anglais, 2009

« Interstices - Solution de continuité » ENSBA Paris,
vidéo invitée par Martine Markovits et par Chloé Dragna,
dans le cadre de « La Vidéothèque invitée de l’ENSBA »